Girl Boss and other notes+


A few weeks ago I spent a very special weekend in Palm Springs at the YxYY conference.  I didn’t really know what to expect since the main selling point was that this was an unstructured conference.  Events were planned on the fly and posted on the YxYY app.  I ended up attending a couple of really spirited discussions, but the main takeaway was meeting cool, like-minded people and just getting to know them outside of what they do for a living. 

It was nice to be void of any labels.

Lately a lot of contradicting thoughts have been on my mind.  A few months ago the Ban Bossy campaign came out.  Recently, Sophia Amoruso’s Girl Boss was released, and preceding all that the fuss about Sheryl Sandberg and her “Lean In” movement.  So what is it?  Should I be bossy?  Should I ban bossy? Should I lean in?  I am all about empowering women, but WTF?

I think I will just stay true to my own(outspoken)self.  What you get is what you see and I have no filter.  I can’t be bothered to fall into any camp. Yes, sometime I can be bossy or maybe it’s just that I know what I want?  And truthfully I really have no idea what it means to lean in, the idea makes me feel off balance, but at the end of the day I am comfortable in my own skin.  And that is what matters.  

Opening night at #yxyy!


Saying yes to music.

nerd notes+


In a room full of 25 engineers only 3 are women. (source: Girls Who Code)

There has been a lot of talk recently about closing the gender gap in the tech industry.  Google recently launched a new initiative called Made With Code to show young women that the techy things that they love such as apps on their smartphones to their favorite movies are made with code and how they can apply coding skills to their own interests and passions.

I’ve alway been interested in coding - I taught myself the very basics back in the 90s when I created my own website on GeoCities (bonus points if you remember what that is!  Mine was hosted in “Tokyo”.)  In the early aughts I started blogging on Blogger, even making friends through the blog and meeting a fellow blogger in real life, who I still keep in touch with.  I learned the very basics of HTML, but never found the right resources to continue my education.  

This past year, through Twitter, I met Miki, who is part of the gnrlassembly team in Los Angeles.  I went to one of the first General Assembly DTLA meetups last month and learned more about the programs they offer.

Last Saturday, I went to an event hosted by General Assembly and Tumblr at WeWork Hollywood and learned how to code HTML, Java and CSS through a free tool they have called Dash.  It was pretty much a full house and there were reps from Tumblr to help us if we got stuck at any point.  I got stuck pretty much right away.  Thankfully, I was able figure it out and programmed a responsive web site!  (I’m not going to link to it because it’s so rudimentary…)

My friend Megan has also been learning to code in HTML.  In the past few months, I’ve met a lot of cool ladies involved in the tech world.  This is a community that I have been craving for some time. It’s beyond awesome to be meeting so many women who have the same interests as me and who are inadvertently closing the gender gap all while pursing what we love.

Next month I will be attending my first YxYY conference where I hope to connect with more women in the tech field.  I’m looking forward to the sharing of ideas and learning from my peers.  There’s only so much I can learn while living and working in my own bubble.  It really is about creating a community and learning from and sharing with each other.

As a (amateur) fashion blogger I am constantly being exposed to new shopping/photo apps and Pinterest-like sites all the time.  I want to learn how these things work rather than just being a taking a look at the app/site and thinking, “oh, cool”.

"The more that you learn, the more places you will go." - Dr. Seuss


random notes+

I like making lists.  So here is one.

1.  I have began a shopping ban for a month.  Necessities only, people. (e.g. utilities, groceries, bills, food and gas and since part of my job involves sales, personal grooming is allowed).   The ban ends July 7, 2014.  I’ve created a Pinterest board so I can pin all the things that I want to purchase during this time. It’ll be interesting to see how many of those items I still want in a month.  #30daysnoshopping

2.  I found out about this rad site my friend Gretchen writes called Canadian Tux.  What’s not to love about this look?  I’m rocking my best Canadian Tux look here.


(Ironically, the backdrop is an American flag.)

3.  I’ve had to make a lot of adult real life decisions these past few weeks.  While growing older for the most part rocks (fave things: wine, PJ’s & Netflix), some of the decision making that comes with it does not.  But it’s all good so nothing to worry about.  

4.  Finally coming to the realization that it’s ok to be scared. To quote the Accidental Creative, ”The love of comfort is frequently the enemy of greatness. Don’t default to your comfort zone”.

5.  Happy Father’s Day!


Swim My Fear

I have been doing some swim wear shopping lately and while I have been digging the new designs that have been out, my biggest fear is this:

(photo credit:

Seriously, WTF?!?  I am about looking cute, but who wants these weird looking tan lines?  I think these suits are better “suited” for the evening.  

Le sigh.  

Hello, Hicksville!

Last weekend I packed up Toby, my bags and headed to a secret location in Joshua Tree. 


(Hat c/o Ducks in a Row - San Francisco, jewelry vintage Me&Ro, tank from Free People, sunglasses from ZeroUV)

Two hours out of Los Angeles I had made it to my accommodations for the evening.


Is that a trailer you ask?  Yes!  I spent the weekend in the alien themed Integratrailer at Hicksville Trailer Palace in Joshua Tree.  

It’s hard to describe this place anything other than kitsch.  Here are some more photos from the grounds.


Fake grass, gold gnome and a salt water pool.

And a teepee….


The trailer palace was complete with an outdoor shower (which I did not use) and outhouse (which I did use) and a pretty awesome jukebox complete with  speakers hidden in rocks, underwater in the pool and in the light fixtures.  

I felt like I was back at sleep away camp.

Except I was no longer 10.

Between the desert wind and the momentum of the trailer door, I almost fell into that cactus to the right of trailer. 


With limited access to running water and mirrors, a hat and sunglasses are de riguer while “camping”.  

(Hat c/o Ducks in a Row - San Francisco, sunglasses from ZeroUV, top from Free People, shorts from American Eagle)

I survived the night without indoor plumbing. 

There’s no place like home.  xo